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Zazen at Home?

We propose you to come and practice zazen online with us, using "zoom" application. This software is free for you and it allow to connect up to 50 persons, with a good image quality and sound. Practicing together keeps up the regularity.  Because you know that a Zen master is checking on your posture, it motivates you to keep it right. The morning Zazen is the one that make your day, it's the Zazen of the sincere practitioner.

How does it work?

1. Download “Zoom”

It’s the software we use to make the connection between us, click here to download it. (For computers : “Zoom Client for Meetings” and for mobile : “Zoom Mobile Apps”).

2. Set up “Zoom”

We recommend you to set up the the software work on your device before starting. Click here for more indications.

3. Connection to the virtual dojo

When it’s time, you can connect to the dojo 10 minutes before. Clic on “join meetint” and enter the number of the virtual dojo’s room which is 9070503010

4. Adjust your device’s position

Make sure that your posture is clearly visible on the screen, so that its potential influence  is fulfilled.

Next sessions

Here are our sessions schedule. We recommend you that you come to verify this schedule because it’s possible that we modify it or we remove temporally a session. By clicking on the “Present yourself” button, you can send us some information about you. It is not mandatory but we like to know the regulars practitioners of our virtual dojo.

6h - 7h10 AM (France)
with Paula
7H00-8H15 AM (Argentina)
with India
6h - 7h10 AM (France)
with Fred
10h-11h15 AM (France)
with Paula

What is Zen?

“The Zen is Zazen” was sentence frequently pronounced by the Zen Master Taisen Deshimaru. The Zen is simply about sitting in Zazen, here and now, our mind absorbed by a right posture and and deep respiration. It is just coming back to our natural condition, the joy without object. More information on zen-deshimaru.

Group practice

Practicing together give you the opportunity to deepen the way. It is recommend, according to your disponibilities, to practice in a real dojo from time to time in order to avoid errors (Come visit us at the Popup Zen Dojo if you come to Sweden). And why not come to a “Sesshin” (intensive practice session) with the Kosen Sangha.

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Next event

Come and practice with us at the  summer camp in our temple, south of france, july – august

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